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Audition for our Fall Show!

We are looking for singers, actors, dancers and crew members!

Interested in auditioning for All Together Now? Great...​

  1. Review and learn the open audition materials (click here)

  2. Pick your favorite - ATN! is designed to be as flexible as possible. There are no restrictions on who performs a given song - we can be as creative as we like. So don't limit yourself to traditional casting perceptions when picking your song.

  3. Come to auditions on September 1st. Open auditions will have two parts:

Part 1: Perform one of the open audition songs. You will be scored based on both singing and acting.

Part 2: Dance. Meg will teach you a dance combination. You will be scored on your ability to learn and perform this combination. Please bring appropriate shoe wear.

Callbacks will be held on September 2nd after school. Students who are called back could be asked to perform any of the open audition or callback songs.

Registration is coming soon! Stay tuned for more details.

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