Register for Colonial Players Theater Workshops - Summer 2021

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School students in the graduating classes of 2022-2025 can register for summer workshops with the CP staff in preparation for next year. Click here ( to register.

  • CP Dance Workshops (August 9, 12, 16, & 19, 1:00 - 3:00) - Work with Choreographer Mrs. Megan Barone. Students in these workshops will learn a variety of dance techniques and combinations. Who knows, some of these steps might even end up in one of our shows.

  • CP Tumbling/Stunting Workshops (August 2 & 4, 10am - 11am ) - Work with Assistant Choreographer Ms. Lindsey Dale. Ms. Dale will work with students on basic tumbling and stunts including forward rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs, partner/small group lifts below the head and advanced skills if applicable.

  • CP Performance Masterclass (July 12, August 2 & 23, 7pm - 9pm) - Work with Directors Mr. Mickey Engel and Mrs. Valerie Collado, Music Director Mrs. Maria O'Connor and Acting Coaches Ms. Melissa Downer and Mr. Jeramie Iannelli. Students should come prepared with a song to perform (and a track to perform it with). Directors and participants will provide feedback to performers about acting choices, vocal stylings and character development.

  • CP Tech Workshops (August 8 & 21, 10am - 1pm ) - Work with Lighting Director Mr. Josh Samors and Sound/Technical Director Mr. Eric Scheidly. Students will be introduced to the technology used in the PWHS theater productions.

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